Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

New white-labeled self-service community for

We are very proud to be the solution provider for the self-service area of a start-up of the former 1&1 CEO Andreas Gauger. Please check out the white-labeled service area in English ( or in German ( Finalfolder is a very practical service that enables you to store and index all of your documents in a centralized and secure web repository, simply by sending your documents via email to keep(ät) No matter if you use a notebook, PC or mobile device, the service works with any email application. Finalfolder helps you to better manage your files and you can even put keep(ät) on BCC in order to store away your correspondence.

The self-service area we realized for Finalfolder based on technologies includes a single-sign-on mechanism that directly enables the registered users to instantly participate in the community and to share their knowledge or feedback. It also includes various ways to get help besides the self-service community on the web, e.g. a twitter channel or an SMS channel: text FF "Your question about Finalfolder..." to +4917688866000 (intl. sim cards) or to the number 44044 (German sim cards).

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