Freitag, 30. April 2010

Must-read for call center executives: Customer Channel Preferences Survey

The following statistics should be read by every customer care manager in the industry, in order to get a clear picture about today's service needs. The study by the Customer Contact Council "Customer Channel Preferences Survey Report" of May 2009 reveals that consumers are much more willing to use web selfservices than the executives think. Every finding highlights, in our opinion, where a customer service-community would drive value for companies by addressing customer needs and by creating a sticky web selfservice environment...

These are the key findings of the study:

  1. More than 50% of your customers want to use the Web to solve service issues.
  2. THROUGH AGE 70, customers prefer the Web over all other channels.
  3. 70% of your call volume is avoidable: these callers tried to use the Web first.
  4. Companies have considerably misestimated the preferences that customers have for the phone and Web channels.
  5. While customer preferences do shift toward live phone in urgent/important scenarios, this shift is not nearly as pronounced as companies believe.
  6. General preferences for Web self-service versus phone only marginally decline into older customer generations.
  7. Customers are already using the Web self-service channel, indicating that the critical opportunity is in getting customers to stay in the Web.
  8. A significant percentage of Web contacts presents an attainable opportunity to increase Web stickiness.
  9. In addition to cost savings, improving Web self-service usage will result in improved customer loyalty.

The Customer Contact Council is where the world's best customer contact executives turn for guidance on their issues and challenges. More...

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